Does my child have dyslexia

Dyslexia is an inherited condition that makes reading, spelling, and written composition very difficult.

If a child or adult in your family has three or more of the following warning signs, please learn more about dyslexia. A person does not have to have all these warning signs to possibly have dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that a person does not “outgrow.” Please don’t wait!

-Warning Signs of Dyslexia-

In Preschool

Warning signs may develop as early as age one.

  • delayed speech
  • mixing up the sounds and syllables in long words
  • constant confusion of left and right
  • late establishing a dominant hand
  • difficulty learning to tie shoes
  • trouble memorizing their address and phone number
  • can’t remember the alphabet
  • can’t create words that rhyme
  • chronic ear infections
  • severe reactions to childhood illnesses
  • a close relative with dyslexia

In Elementary School

  • any of the preschool symptoms listed previously
  • slow, non-automatic handwriting that is difficult to read
  • letter or number reversals continuing past first grade
  • extreme difficulty learning cursive
  • slow, choppy, inaccurate reading; guesses based on shape or context
  • skips or misreads prepositions (at, to, of) and ignores
  • ends or beginning of words
  • often can’t remember sight words (they, were, does)
  • can’t sound out new words
  • terrible spelling
  • difficulty telling time on a clock with hands
  • trouble memorizing multiplication tables
  • when speaking, difficulty finding the correct word
  • (lots of “whatyamacallits” and “thingies”)
  • common sayings come out slightly twisted
  • extremely messy bedroom, backpack and desk
  • homework wars
  • dreads going to school: complains of stomachaches or headaches,
  • or may have nightmares about school

In High School

  • any of the warning signs listed for preschool and elementary
  • limited vocabulary
  • extremely poor written expression; large difference between
  • verbal skills and written compositions
  • unable to master a foreign language
  • difficulty reading printed music
  • poor grades in many classes
  • may drop out of high school

In Adults

  • education history similar to above
  • slow reading
  • may have to read a page 2 or 3 times to understand it
  • sometimes confuses b and d, especially when tired or sick
  • terrible spelling
  • difficulty putting thoughts onto paper; dreads writing memos or letters
  • often gets lost, even in a familiar city
  • still has difficulty with right versus left


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An in-depth screening and consultation is also available. This will determine if your child fits the dyslexic profile, and includes a written report with recommendations for tutoring and special accommodations.

Our goals are simple:

  • Educate and support parents.
  • Close the gap in reading and spelling as soon as possible.
  • Help restore confidence, hope and independence for
    every dyslexic student.

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