We can help you give your child a brighter future. Independent, scientific, replicated research has shown us how to help someone with dyslexia.

Rise Above Dyslexia offers three services:


We are dyslexia specialists, and we’ve developed a system that can change lives, forever. While we provide explicit teaching in reading and spelling, we also restore hope, self-worth and self-confidence. We provide a specialized service which goes above and beyond what a traditional school or homework tutor is equipped to offer.

Our students are provided direct, research-based instruction. Goals for each student include improvement in:

  • spelling
  • reading: accuracy and fluency
  • basic grammar and punctuation
  • vocabulary
  • comprehension

At Rise Above Dyslexia, we believe that elementary school is the best time to give this support, but it is never too late to get the right type of intervention. Some students are not yet ready for our tutoring program.  For those students, we also offer a different tutoring program to strengthen auditory memory and auditory discrimination.




Dyslexia is a lifelong condition.  Therefore, it is crucial to identify the cause of your child’s struggle early on.  A course of action cannot be determined until you know why your child is having so much difficulty.

An initial, low cost consultation will help determine if those struggles are due to dyslexia.  It is the best way to determine if you are on the right course without wasting thousands of dollars on the wrong tutoring, program, or therapy.

We offer a free 30 minute phone consultation at no cost.

Before you invest in tutoring, let us help to determine if your child fits the dyslexia profile. This extended consultation is available on an hourly basis. We can discuss specific concerns and questions about your child, them give recommendations for tutoring and accommodations.


Rise Above Dyslexia also offers a full dyslexic screening, which is suitable for a child that is home schooled or attends a friendly private school.

The screening process includes:

  • In-depth interview to review educational and family history
  • Multiple screening tools which include standardized and nonstandardized tests
  • Final parent meeting with written report
  • An action plan for parents that includes recommendations and accommodations

Note:  This type of screening is not recommended for children that attend public school.

Call us to learn more about the Screening process.

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